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Green Envy

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

I am in love with the color green lately, blue is my favorite color of all time but green is so versatile. To me it evokes life, happiness, calmness, nature and beauty.

I took this picture of Little Cottonwood Canyon, in Sandy Utah, this Summer while walking/hiking there with my son. It is absolutely a wonderful place to visit :) The pine trees and beyond with the varying shades of green from light to dark are inspiring!

In interior design, it pairs well with both brass and black hardware, marble, and wood details, basically a great neutral color to work with.

I have noticed so many new cars recently in different shades of green with black accents. Yes, green is on my mind :)

Below is a mood board I put together showing some great paint colors along with hardware, marble and wood flooring.

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